Color and blink patterns for SHoreTel 212k, 530, 560, 560g and BB24

by Jason Bohnenstiehl 3. June 2011 02:35

CALL STATE                                             COLOR AND BLINK PATTERN


Held, Parked or Conference Calls -         Orange. 250ms on 250ms off

Monitored Ext. Call + Offering Call -        Green. 800ms on 200ms off

                                                          Red. 800ms on 200ms off

Monitored Ext. Call + Held or                  

Parked Owner Call/Conference Call -       Orange 200ms on 100ms off 200ms on 500ms off

(Unpark, Pick/Unpark Only)

Held or Parked                             -       Orange 250ms on 250ms off

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